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I get up at ungodly hours a.m. PDT to watch cycling bike races over the internet streams. Then, maybe, I write about that.

So Royal.


Team Norway had SMASH!, even without Thor. ⚡️⚡️ (DS & mechanics were treated for injuries but are OK.)
Helmet hair to hair goals transformation executed perfectly. Emma Johansson french braided her fringe for an ultra chic podium look. 😍
Valverde theme song: Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” but as “Shave It Off.” I was actually looking forward to rainbow hair plugs next year, tho. 💆🌈😕
Pretty sure most men’s stage races throughout cycling history were flung onto the calendar from nowhere. Sorry to hear that’s not possible for women! 

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Taylor Phinney ✨NAILED IT✨ Perfect amount of shirt cuff showing, trousers breaking at the right place, on-trend white kicks. 💖
Please, don’t give Sir Beardley Wiggins any chapeau! 🎩 for his World Championship. It would be a shame to cover up this fashion forward, forward-swept hair style.
Let’s discuss Sir Beardley Wiggins’ hair. SO FIRE, AMIRITE? 🔥🔥🔥

“I asked Carlo Antonelli, chief editor of GQ Italia and the person who more than anybody else knows about such matters, when and how this all happened. He maintains that “Italian masculinity is way more fucked up than you think. The patriarchal system has always allowed a certain level of contained gender-bending on the side of men, and this latest installment (the tweezing craze) is just another way of reaffirming one’s own polished macho self, in a way an extension of the chest-shaving gym aficionados’ passion for muscle definition.””

—   Explanation of Giovanni Visconti’s intensely groomed brows.

(Source: New York Magazine)

BikeBro defending other BikeBros’ professionalism in comments of that BikeRumor charity donation thing. Bike industry so party much professional 😂😂😂.