California Streaming

I get up at ungodly hours a.m. PDT to watch cycling bike races over the internet streams. Then, maybe, I write about that.

Fact check your team merger press release to make sure it doesn’t include mentions of vacated wins by a rider who was banned.

I realized why I’m not impressed at all by those ice bucket challenge things.

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"I love challenges [with link to ‘image not available’ image]"

Ivan Basso blowing my mind with his zen shit.
Most controversial use of Camelbak since Fränk Schleck at Criterium International 2011.
Fabs versus Jesper Boom, Team Belkin chef and Lars Boom’s brother. “Get cancel it” is the opposite of HTFU, and you can’t spell Cancellara without cancel…!!!
Who wants to write a fanfic based on this?
Dude, nice ghost socks. 👻👻👻👟

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The dude’s name is ANACONA, but go ahead and keep calling him Anaconda like you’re Nicki Minaj street team. It amuses me to no end. 🐍
This could be us but you playin. 

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