California Streaming

I get up at ungodly hours a.m. PDT to watch cycling bike races over the internet streams. Then, maybe, I write about that.

When you’re the press officer of a team whose brother-teammates have shake-n-bake EPO positives.
Heckling all my baes at the cyclo-cross race with my fabulous Chanel megaphone. ✨📢💵💎✨

So Royal.


Team Norway had SMASH!, even without Thor. ⚡️⚡️ (DS & mechanics were treated for injuries but are OK.)
Helmet hair to hair goals transformation executed perfectly. Emma Johansson french braided her fringe for an ultra chic podium look. 😍
Valverde theme song: Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” but as “Shave It Off.” I was actually looking forward to rainbow hair plugs next year, tho. 💆🌈😕
Pretty sure most men’s stage races throughout cycling history were flung onto the calendar from nowhere. Sorry to hear that’s not possible for women! 

via @Bonnie_D_Ford
Taylor Phinney ✨NAILED IT✨ Perfect amount of shirt cuff showing, trousers breaking at the right place, on-trend white kicks. 💖
Please, don’t give Sir Beardley Wiggins any chapeau! 🎩 for his World Championship. It would be a shame to cover up this fashion forward, forward-swept hair style.
Let’s discuss Sir Beardley Wiggins’ hair. SO FIRE, AMIRITE? 🔥🔥🔥